Cabin has maintained BC Forest Safety Council SAFE certification since 2012.

Cabin is a BASE Certified company and has consistently exceeded requirements in all internal and external audits, demonstrating our commitment to the highest degree of excellence.

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Our highest priority is ensuring that all our crews come home safely every day. In keeping with this philosophy, Cabin is committed to establishing and upholding a safe work culture with the aim of minimizing work-related accidents and incidents. This will be achieved by instituting and maintaining safe work standards; providing an orientation session and ongoing training for every Cabin employee where all safe work standards are reviewed; implementing reliable methods at the workplace, and maintaining safe working conditions. This in turn will produce a positive working environment and safety-conscious employees.

A key element in creating a safe working environment is developing a clear and concise safety plan. It is the duty of each and every individual employed or contracted by Cabin to adhere to this safety plan and to carry out each specific task in accordance with established safety protocols. Risk management and maintaining awareness of safety at all times is the approach that we will take. However, it must be recognized that ultimately each individual on the job must take personal responsibility for his or her own safety.

We strictly adhere to:

  • Operating in accordance with Cabin safety protocols in addition to all recognized safety and health laws, regulations, codes, and standards established by WorkSafeBC and the BC Forest Safety Council.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe working environment.
  • Practicing effective wildlife-human conflict prevention strategies.
  • Ensuring that all employees know that they have full support from Cabin if they determine that either a task or working condition is unsafe and that they have the right to refuse unsafe work.
  • Informing each employee that they will take personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of others.
  • Promoting and encouraging a safe work ethic and work environment.
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