Rail Corridor Data Collection

Rail Corridor Data Collection and Database Design


Recreation Sites & Trails, FLNROD – Southern Interior, BC




Within the Southern Interior of British Columbia, there are over 262 km of Abandoned Rail Corridors (former rail lines), which are owned by the province but are not currently managed.


An accurate inventory of bridges, culverts, retaining walls and tunnels of eight individual segments needed to be completed. This required multiple users to have the ability to collect data at the same time in different geographical locations. 


In collaboration with the client, Cabin developed data models that formed the parameters for the design of the geodatabase, which would contain the inventory data. The geodatabase was uploaded to a web map in ArcGIS Online, where field personnel accessed it using Collector for ArcGIS to store the inventory data in the field. Off-line base maps were used due to the remote locations of the abandoned rail lines. Detailed tabular data was collected with ease using coded domains and photos of the features were captured and geo-tagged. 

Cabin created an interactive web application within ArcGIS Online as a deliverable, which enabled the client to view the inventory data, and extra information and share it with other members of the organization to develop an action plan moving forward.

database design
database design
database design
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