Pre and Post Layout Drilldowns/Route Cards

Pre and Post Layout Drilldowns/Route Cards

Okanagan, Boundary, West Kootenay, 100 Mile
2015 – Present

Using advanced spatial analysis techniques and modelling functions, a process was created to iterate through a database containing over 100 data layers acquired from clients and the BCGW. Our process overlays planned or completed development activities with spatial layers relevant to the FSP, Higher Level Plans, FRPA, GAR Orders etc. in order to generate a tabular report from the report manager that informs development decisions and SP creation. Overlays include administrative details (License, FDU, and TSA), overlapping tenures (Range, Trapping, Grazing, and Guiding), watershed information, VQO’s, wildlife information (WHA’s, UWR and other GAR orders), connectivity corridors and OGMAs, Terrain Stability information, adjacent RESULTS openings, VRI, PSYU and BEC zones.

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