Woodhaven and Mill Creek Bridges

Woodhaven and Mill Creek Bridges

Regional District Central Okanagan (RDCO)

Cabin designed and constructed two vehicle bridges on behalf of the RDCO.  The 23m Woodhaven bridge construction included site grading, installing Rip Rap, concrete abutments, a steel superstructure, and the timber decking and rails for the bridge.  For the 14m Mill Creek bridge construction, Cabin administered the environmental monitoring throughout construction.  The projects were completed on time and on budget.  Cabin worked seamlessly with multiple contractors within a tight timeline.

Challenge:  Stabilizing abutments of flood damaged channel along Bellevue Creek and installing large span vehicle bridge within the fish window.

Solution:  Installing prefabricated ballast walls and concrete lock block abutments as well as placing rip rap in front of abutments for further support.

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