Vineyard Park

Vineyard Park

West Kelowna
City of West Kelowna

Cabin transformed an existing parkland area into a modern community park.  Activities included layout & grading, turf area, planting area (mulch, shrubs), crusher chip paving, asphalt milling pathway, EWF installation for swing set, irrigation installation, tree planting & staking, stone step placement, split rail fencing, brick paving stone décor, site security and traffic control.

Challenge:  Paving stone placement was a circular design on a subtle hill located immediately adjacent a roundabout intersection.

Solution:  Compacting and levelling out the granular base to 95% MPD in a circular design with a 3 % grade towards the sidewalks and roundabout intersection required a precise attention to detail.  Polymeric jointing sand was used to join the cracks between stones which prevents the stones from getting loose and allows precipitation to runoff.

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