Ungulate Winter Range Analysis

Ungulate Winter Range Analysis

Okanagan, Boundary TSA’s
2016, 2019

Cabin completed a review and full spatial analysis for Mule Deer Winter Range GAR #U-8-001 using ArcGIS Model Builder and custom codes. Prior to the start of this project, data was downloaded from the BCGW to ensure that the latest datasets were used in the analysis. All pertinent layers were clipped to the desired operating area to optimize processing and outputs using an automated iterating model. Within the ArcMap environment, another model was created using ArcGIS model builder to process previously clipped layers to derive shallow, moderate and heavy SIC polygons. Once the SIC polygons were created, another analysis was completed to determine if each of the identified planning cells was in surplus or deficit as well as any areas in recruitment.

Cabin also completed an analysis of GAR #U-8-008 utilizing a LiDAR derived canopy height model (CHM) and cruise data to determine if snow intercept cover targets would be met following harvesting of several proposed partial cuts. For this project, a void analysis was completed on the CHM for the existing forest condition and the forecast condition post-harvest based on proposed leave tree specifications corresponding cruise data to determine post-harvest crown closure of the stand.

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