First Nations Rights-Based Forestry

First Nations Rights-Based Forestry

Cabin is proud to provide services that enables true capacity building as First Nations drive towards realization of Title and Rights in BC.

Here are some of the tools that Cabin offers our First Nations partners

Stewardship Planning

Resource development in BC exists in the context of First Nation’s ability to meaningfully exercise their Rights. Good resource development requires stewardship planning that is consistent with First Nations Rights and use of the land. Cabin assists First Nations in developing tools and processes to ensure that resource development is consistent with the long-term physical, economic and spiritual wellbeing of First Nations governments and communities.

  • Develop comprehensive Rights-based industry agreements
  • Implementation of Rights-based agreements with Industry
  • Development of First Nations stewardship guidance to guide jurisdictional shift in Forestry
  • Risk analysis of Rights, Title and Interest


Policy Development, Governance and External Relationships

First Nation governments are on a path towards renewing governance which will transcend the limitations of the Indian Act. Strong governance and decision-making are the foundation of effective jurisdictional shift in BC. Cabin supports First Nations partners in developing policies, processes and territorial laws which are the foundation of effective Joint-Decision making on the provincial landbase.

  • Advise and represent First Nations interests on strategic provincial initiatives (timber supply reviews, tenure decisions and Reconciliation Agreements)
  • Advise & develop robust organizational process that protect First Nations Interest
  • Review of Provincial policy changes from a Rights-based perspective
  • Development of governance mechanisms for resource management in Traditional Territory


Forest Biodiversity, Landuse Planning and Geo-Spatial Analysis

Forest biodiversity and ecosystem integrity are the foundation of First Nation’s ability to meaningfully exercise their Rights. Cabin has a deep professional background in technical analysis, GIS, mapping and landscape-level planning which can help quantify and answer complex questions about forest biodiversity and ecosystem health. First Nation’s that are well prepared with technical tools to engage in BC policy initiatives will be better positioned to realize the full potential of Reconciliation.

  • LiDAR mapping & analysis
  • GIS data management & analysis
  • Referral management
  • Wildlife habitat analysis
  • Forest biodiversity and connectivity analysis
  • Trail mapping
  • Tenure/landuse analysis and strategic development

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