Mission Creek Greenway Bridges/Abutment Protection Repairs

Mission Creek Greenway Bridges/Abutment Protection Repairs

June 2019

Restored three riprap revetments to protect abutments of pedestrian bridges in the Mission Creek Greenway Regional Park. Constructed three channel diversions using creation of dams and redirection of main flows. Fish salvage and coordination with hydrologists, geotech, and environmental monitors to ensure compliance with Section 11 permit and environmental management plan. Placed rip rap as per engineered design and best practices. Carried out streamside and instream substrate post-construction restoration and rehabilitation. Constructed and rehabilitated trail. Felled danger trees, chipped and pruned for fuel mitigation and recreational use.

Challenge: This project was to be completed within a 14 day fisheries timing window. During this two week period, a large precipitation event put a halt on the majority of project work.

Solution: Adaptability and time management were crucial to the success of this project. When precipitation occurred, shifts in resources and responsibilities were conducted to make sure objectives were still completed in the allotted time frame.

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