Big White Bike Park

Big White Bike Park

Big White Ski Resort Ltd

Designed and constructed a green flow trail (Bumblebee) and a blue flow trail (Lightning Strike).  Activities included marking each trail alignment, completing Section 11 notifications for stream crossings, designing drainage structures, installation of drainage structures, clearing trail right of ways, grubbing, adding technical terrain features, and final construction of shaping of berms and jumps.  This was a 5-month project that required some difficult trail construction on steep slopes and rocky sites throughout high elevation weather events.

Challenge:  Creating user specific flow trails (beginner, intermediate, etc.) that were both fun and safe on complex terrain while under budgetary and time constraints.

Solution:  Incorporating landscape features and natural terrain to make flow trails unique.  Working closely with the client to adapt designs to accommodate budgetary and time constraints and fit into their bike park theme.

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