Becker Bike Park

Becker Bike Park

City of Vernon

Teamed with Stantec Engineering, Cabin designed and constructed the first phase of a comprehensive inner-city bike park.  The park consisted of a climb trail, flow trail, three pump tracks, and a bike repair station.  The project involved installation of park infrastructure such as irrigation, drainage, furniture and fencing.  This project is a great showcase of Cabin’s capabilities when it comes to turn-key bike park construction.

Challenge:  Ambitious project with limited budget in an urban setting which resulted in sharps safety hazards.

Solution:  Staying in close contact with city bylaw staff to ensure that sharps sweeps were conducted on site multiple times a week to confirm sites were safe for staff.  Cabin also worked with the client on a design that works with the landscape as well as provided a talented crew and appropriate equipment to build the features.

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