Woodlot License Planning

Woodlot License Planning

Woodlot #1823, Woodlot #1500
2015 – Present

Cabin has developed Woodlot License Plans to meet all forest management requirements, legislation and policies including the Kamloops LRMP, Okanagan Shuswap LRMP, and WLPPR. Developed and implemented a Woodlot Management Plan for Woodlot #1823 including a detailed Timber Resource Inventory and AAC determination. Responsible for full phase management from development to silviculture.

Woodlot licenses are small-scale forest tenures that allow individuals or community groups to manage a specific area of Crown land for timber production and other forest-based activities.

The first step of the process begins with the identification of suitable areas for woodlot licenses based on factors such as proximity to communities, ecological considerations, and sustainable timber availability. Once a suitable area is identified, interested parties can apply for a woodlot license through the provincial government.

The next step, the planning phase, includes various pieces such as conducting a thorough inventory of the forest resources within the proposed woodlot area, assessing the ecological values, and evaluating the timber volume and quality. This information aids in determining sustainable timber harvesting levels and developing management plans.

During the planning process, stakeholders, including the license holder, local communities, Indigenous groups, and government agencies, may be consulted to ensure that their interests and concerns are considered. The management plans outline how the woodlot license holder intends to operate within the area, including sustainable harvesting practices, reforestation plans, and protection of important ecological features.

Once the planning phase is complete and the woodlot license is issued, the license holder assumes responsibility for implementing the management plan. This includes activities such as timber harvesting, road construction and maintenance, silviculture operations, and monitoring of environmental impacts.

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