Visual Impact Assessments

Visual Impact Assessments (VIA’s)

2017 – Present

Completed detailed VIA’s using industry standard software including 3D Visual Nature Studio and Photoshop. Completed 3D Viewshed analyses in ArcGIS, including the use of ArcScene, where government viewpoints and visually sensitive areas were not adequately identified Successfully modelled and developed alternative harvesting systems in order to meet challenging visual objectives. Secured Visual Quality Exemptions where Established Visual Quality Objectives could not be met due to forest health or engineering constraints and where alternative results and strategies were proposed.

Visual Impact Assessments (VIA’s) in British Columbia are conducted to evaluate and manage the potential visual effects of proposed developments on the landscape. These assessments help ensure that development projects are compatible with the scenic values and visual character of the surrounding environment. The process includes baseline data collection, identification of viewpoints, visual impact analysis, mitigation measures, reporting and documentation, and monitoring and compliance.

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