Full Forest Tenure Management

Full Forest Tenure Management

2012 – 2015

Prepared and delivered the full phase management of the Nk’Mip Forestry Corporation’s NRFLs in the Boundary TSA. Responsible for all aspects of forestry resource management; FSP development, referrals, consultation with local licensees, engineering and layout, CP submissions and appraisals, harvesting supervision, silviculture, RESULTS entries, post-harvest assessments and Residue and Waste assessments. Responsible for ensuring that proposed activities in the FSP are consistent with all Ministry requirements including the KBHLPO, established GAR Orders, FRPA and FPPR and Protection of Aboriginal Rights Policy.

Full forest tenure management is the comprehensive administration and regulation of forest tenures, which are legal rights or licenses granted to individuals, organizations, or communities for the sustainable management and use of forest resources. There is a tenure system implemented that governs the allocation, oversight, and compliance of forest tenures.

The tenure types include timber licenses, woodlot licenses, community forest agreements and First Nations Woodland licenses.

After tenure has been allocated, the tenure holder assumes all responsibilities related to forest management including management plans, harvesting operations, silviculture activities, road construction and maintenance, stakeholder engagement and environmental monitoring. They are also responsible for monitoring and compliance with regulations and guidelines and are subject to penalties should there be any violations.

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