Data Migration and GIS Web Deployment

Summerland Varieties Corporation – Summerland, BC

Data Migration and GIS Web Deployment


Summerland Varieties Corporation – Summerland, BC




Summerland Varieties Corporation (SVC) helps to identify promising new tree fruit varieties that will be commercialized for the benefit of the Canadian tree fruit industry. SVC protects and licenses the rights to grow both apple and sweet cherry cultivars developed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in Summerland, BC. SVC also manages privately owned tree fruit varieties such as the Ambrosia apple.


These data sources included spreadsheets, databases, accounting systems, and online sources such as the LTSA, Google Maps, and BC Assessment. Collecting information on grower and individual orchard sites from these sources was a tenuous process. SVC determined that there was a justified business case to consolidate these datasets into one geo-enabled database that included an intuitive online platform. 


Cabin Resource Management was contracted to undertake the data migration and develop a customized web-based application.  Cabin used an agile approach during this project starting with the analysis of existing datasets and developing spatial data standards to ensure data integrity.

Some key elements of this project included geocoding, spatial and non-spatial data joins, migrating existing records into a geodatabase, and creating a customized online viewing platform. 

The result of the project was a consolidated geodatabase accessed through a customized ESRI-based web application. Within the application, SVC now had the capability to gain new insights into their data and expedite business processes. This was accomplished by giving users the ability to view, create, and analyze data, along with having options to generate reports that extract information, all within an interactive mapping environment.

Data Migration
data migration
data migration
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